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Attribution scholars rely on a variety of historical documents for information about authorship. Such sources of so-called external evidence of authorship include: entries in the Stationers' Register; references in correspondence, diaries, and biographies; ledgers and receipts; legal records; playlists compiled by stationers; and so on.

This page hosts or links to transcriptions and/or digital images of such documents.

Bibliographies[edit | edit source]

Stationers' Register[edit | edit source]

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Henslowe's Diary[edit | edit source]

Records of Early English Drama (REED)[edit | edit source]

  • [REED Online] (currently includes materials on Berkshire, Hampshire, Staffordshire, and the Rose Playhouse Prototype)

Playlists[edit | edit source]

Biographies[edit | edit source]

Extracts[edit | edit source]

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