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William David Green recently concluded his doctoral studies at the Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham. His AHRC-funded thesis, titled Thomas Middleton and the Adaptation of Shakespeare, 1616-1623, considered the historical significance of the stylistic identification of Thomas Middleton as the reviser of several of Shakespeare’s plays after the original author’s death in 1616 and prior to their publication in the First Folio in 1623. He is currently working on writing his first monograph, titled Authorship and Apocalypse: Thomas Middleton, the King’s Men, and the Drama of the Thirty Years’ War, which will focus on Middleton’s work as a solo author, collaborator, and adapter of old play-texts during his extensive association with the King’s Men between 1615 and 1624. He is also lead editor (with Anna L. Hegland and Sam Jermy) on an edited collection designed to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Middleton’s A Game at Chess, the greatest box office success in Renaissance England, which we have titled The Theatrical Legacy of Thomas Middleton, 1624-2024. He is also working as part of the Complete Works of Margaret Cavendish team, led by Liza Blake, Shawn Moore, and Jacob Tootalian; for this project, he is contracted to develop a critical edition of Cavendish’s 1662 play The Unnatural Tragedy.

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